The Original Anti-Theft Carry Solutions

While some people think the threat of getting ripped off is all part of the adventure, we always knew there had to be a better way. That by taking some extra security with you, you would enjoy the ride even more. You might even push further out of your comfort zone to experience something new. Something life-changing.



Pacsafe ECONYL®

Protect your valuables. Protect our planet.

As travelers, we all want to experience the beauty this planet has to offer. Unfortunately, plastic is being dumped into our oceans unprecedented rate – 8 million tons every year, with much more going into landfills. If we don’t do something to change this, our playground and home will soon become a wasteland.

To help become part of the solution to this problem, we have just launched the new Pacsafe ECONYL® Collection. The special release takes nylon waste, like discarded fishing nets, and turns it into the best anti-theft bags.

  • Travel – A stuffy airplane cabin, a fragrant market, or a busy train station, the travel situations where a face mask can come in handy are many. Using a mask can be a great travel accessory, and sometimes even a requirement by airlines. A Pacsafe mask is your essential travel companion.

  • Health – Flu season, sneezing and coughing; Stuffing ourselves with vitamins is a good start, but when that stranger sneezes on the train, wearing a mask might be the right choice. Microbials such as bacteria and other airborne particles can effectively be stopped in their tracks by using a Pacsafe face mask.

  • Allergies – Sensitivity to pollen is nothing unusual, but it can be a real inconvenience.  Using a mask to protect against pollen helps.  The most common pollen particles are between 20-35 microns. Wearing a Pacsafe face mask is a great way to avoid pollen and other allergens being inhaled.

  • Air Quality – The air quality in urban environments can get pretty bad. Don’t let that smog get you. Particles as small as 2.5 microns are considered hazardous in large amounts. Wearing a Pacsafe face mask with an advanced high-charged filter can adsorb these small particles away before they enter the respiratory system.

Turn & Lock Security Hooks

Secure your bag to a fixture to help avoid bag theft. Keep your bag safe from a snatch and grab. The turn & lock hook system fixes your bag in two easy steps. clip, snap – secure.

PopNLock Security Clip
Secured buckle to help protect against bag thieves. Secure your bag to an immovable object with a simple pop and lock action. Peace of mind in just a few seconds.

Locking Cable
Keep your bag where you want it. Secure your bag to a fixture to help avoid gear theft. This versatile locking cable is easy to secure and can be looped around any bag with a Roobar™ Deluxe.

RFIDsafe™ Technology

Keep your personal details under wraps. RFID blocking material shields your passport and credit cards against RFID skimming. Frequency blocking range 10MHz – 3GHz.

Roobar Deluxe

Lockdown point for zippers and cables, helps protect against pickpockets and gear thieves. Protect the contents of your bag by securing your zips and anchor cable on a single lockdown point. All neat. All sweet.

Lockabout Security Clip
Three level lock-down point for zippers helps protect against pickpockets and gear thieves. Need to secure the gear in your bag? These sturdy clips do the trick with a no-nonsense lock.

Roobar Sport
Three-level lock-down security point to ensure ultimate protection against pickpockets. Peace of mind in a sleek design – simply connect your zips, click them in place and slide on a lock. Easy on you, hard on thieves.

Roobar Style
Lockdown those zips and give pickpockets the slip. The Roobar Style keeps security simple with an easy-to-use anchor point.

eXomesh® Slashguards
Protect your gear against the old cut and run. Deter cut & run theft with stainless steel wire mesh. This stainless steel barrier keeps your bag’s contents safe from any flyby strike.

360 eXomesh® Locking System
Lockable stainless steel cage helps protect against pickpockets & gear thieves. Like chainmail for your bag. This lightweight mesh locks at the top, keeping your valuables safe from would-be marauders.

Carrysafe® Straps
Wire reinforced straps help prevent cut & run theft. Extra peace of mind that your straps will hold tight. The Carrysafe® system is reinforced with steel wire to prevent any cut & run theft.

Carrysafe® Straps with Dyneema®
Wire and Dyneema® reinforced straps helps prevent cut & run theft. Extra strong straps that keep your backpack where you want it. Wire and tough Dyneema fabric go the extra mile against cut & run theft.