Elecom Multifunctional Off Toco 3-Way Backpack

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A 3WAY PC backpack “off toco” that can be switched to a backpack / messenger bag / handbag by storing the shoulder belt. You can change the usage depending on the scene.

You can easily switch bags by attaching and detaching the buckle in the middle of the shoulder belt.
By removing the zipper-type partition in the center, it is a two-chamber penetration structure that can be switched from a two-chamber bag to a one-chamber bag.
The handle type double zipper opening and closing is adopted on the upper surface and the right side surface, and it can be easily opened and closed with one touch.
The double zipper handles can be fixed together and have a simple lock button to prevent accidental opening and closing.
There is a dedicated pocket that can store a computer up to 13.3 inches from the top.
There is a space on the top where you can sort and store small items such as wallets.
There is a space on the right side where you can store clothes and shoes.
A water-repellent storage port is placed on the left side, and wet items such as bottles and folding umbrellas can be stored independently.
A large L-shaped zipper pocket can be opened and closed on the front, making it easy to take out small items such as notebooks.
A pocket that can store a shoulder belt is placed on the back, and A4 files etc. can be stored when not in use.
A carry belt that can be fixed to the carry bar is placed on the back.
A ring-shaped fastener metal fitting is used, and a padlock can be locked to prevent theft.
Water repellent finish is applied to the entire surface fabric. * It does not completely prevent the ingress of water into the interior.
Uses a double handle that can be held stably when handheld.
The interior color is a bright color that makes it easy to see what is stored.


Dimension: Width 280 mm x Depth 115 mm x Height 385 mm * Excluding handle and shoulder belt
Material: Polyester (water repellent)
Weight: 870g

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