Elecom Off Toco Organizational Camera Box Backpack

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This is a box backpack off toco that transforms into a camera box by storing the shoulder belt. There are two hand-held handles, one in the vertical direction and the other in the horizontal direction so you can hold it both vertically and horizontally.

    • Shoulder belt can be stored
    • Has detachable inner case
    • Has partition plate and fall prevention plate
    • 13.3inch PC storage
    • Tripod holder
    • Fully water repellent finish
    • Water-stop fastener
    • Has front pocket
    • Zipper pocket
    • Bright interior color
    • Ring-shaped fastener metal fittings
    • Dimension: Width 290 mm x Depth 150 mm x Height 380 mm
    • Material: Polyester (water repellent)
    • Weight: 1,260g
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