Elecom Organizational Off Toco 2 Style High Grade Large Size Camera Backpack

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It is a high-grade model backpack “off toco” equipped with functions one rank higher. It is a large-capacity size that is ideal for travel. This can also be used as a normal bag by removing the attached camera inner box.

    • Can also be used as a regular backpack
    • Has camera storage on both sides
    • Camera inner box with handle
    • Two air chamber penetration structure
    • 15.6inch PC storage
    • Has upper storage for small items
    • Has front pocket
    • Tripod belt
    • Anti-theft hook
    • Chest belt & hip belt
    • Road lift strap
    • EVA cushioning material is used on the back
    • Detachable pouch
    • Carry bar plug
    • Ring-shaped fastener metal fittings
    • A rain cover is stored on the bottom
    • Double handle
    • Fully water repellent finish
    • Interior color that makes it easy to see what is stored
    • Bottom Hypalon rubber
    • Dimension: Width 315mm x Depth 190mm x Height 470mm
    • Material: Polyester (water repellent)
    • Weight: 1,750g